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Drawing 101

For Students ages 8 and up, this class puts the emphasis on tonal drawings. Small compositional studies are used for framing and quick drawing. No erasers allowed. The use of shapes and patterns of light and dark are emphasized. Learn the gray scale using graphite pencils working with still life and learning how light effects objects.

Advanced Drawing

For students that have learned the fundamentals and are skilled in layout, values and construction of the figure. This class works on rendering techniques and long studies for each project. Line quality, tones, simplification and gesture are emphasized.


In order to create detail drawings; one must learn how to sketch. Drawing loose, drawing through and drawing with rhythm is the beginning to each class.  Warm up with marker boards and make many mistakes. Learn through them and become skilled after the first class. Learn to draw the figure, head and hands quickly using proportions, light weight, construction and simple shapes. No details allowed. Art Classes in Castro Valley kids art classes painting art classes

Beginning Painting

Painting Techniques

Students ages 5 and up

Drawing and Design art school

The Masters techniques are emphasized.

Advanced Painting

"Learning From The Masters" are techniques that are taught from famous artists from past generations. This unique course of study help the student to render form and apply a layering process to their work while learning strokes from Van Gogh,  Monet's color theory and Picasso's use of shapes. 

Mixed Media

In order for an artist to improve in their skills no matter what their age, one must choose the medium of their choice. Watercolor, Pastels, Graphite, Pen & Ink, Markers, Colored Pencils & Acrylics. (Oils are not provided but can be brought by student). This method will enable the artist to improve faster and feel comfortable while learning new techniques. Each student will work with transparent color and finish with a rendered work of art. Beginners will study values and simplify shapes and start with monochromatic studies and progress into color harmony. Photographs are selected by the artist with instructor guidance. 



Beginning Animation

To animate is to create movement on the computer. Start with a stick figure falling, jumping or running then advance into layers of detail. Prerequisite: Drawing 101.

Digital Design

For the student who enjoys drawing on the computer, this class is learning the layering process and building techniques. Using innovated software for digital design this class starts with a line drawing and applies tones, color and detail for a rendered work of digital design.  Great for portfolio presentation. 

Beginning Graphic Design

Graphic Design begins with learning the basics in Adobe Photoshop. This software is industry standard and essential for the digital design for creative art. Begin by creating your own logo.  The artist creates an identity of themselves and uses it for business cards, letterheads and envelopes. A fundamental step for self promotion and portfolio presentation. Once the manipulation of letters transforms into a self identity for the student the journey continues with page layout. Arranging elements to a page in an interesting and easy to read presentation. Excellent for portfolio presentation. 

Advanced Graphic Design

For intermediate students who take graphics to an advanced level. Learn the tools one by one and create visuals for book covers, flyers, promotional advertising and more. 

Portfolio Presentation

No matter what your age, the portfolio begins after each class. In order for parents, teachers, students, friends and family to see advancement or skill level in an artist, a portfolio is always recommended. After an 8 week course the instructor can critique and recognize what is lacking and what needs to be developed to further advance each artist. 

Sample Portfolios are available for view at studio. 

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Abstact Art

Get inspired by Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian and many more Masters. The abstract projects loosens up the artists' arm, wrist and fingers while making a continuous motion creating shapes using circles, spirals, zig zags or what ever your creative mind desires. Explore scribble scrabble and turn it into something. So much fun to color and share. Advanced students who are working on portfolio pieces, this is highly recommended to explore. 

Color Exploration

Explore color and start with complimentary colors and take oolor into new levels of understanding. This class is all about the color wheel and how color relates to it. The student will create their own color wheel and learn compliment colors and the tint and shade to each color. With every project, the color wheel is used and explored. Once this is mastered, the student can adventure into endless possibilities. 


Sculpting with clay helps the drawing ability of each artist. To mold the clay and think 3D is essential for better understanding of 2D. Begin by learning the proportions of the clay. Put the pieces together and add the details. Finish by painting on your sculpture and glaze for the finish touch.

Arts & Crafts

See Camps, Parties and Events for Arts and Crafts. Ages 4.5 and up.


Ceramics are perfect for the student that wants to give the gift of art.  Make a tea pot, cup and saucer, a beautiful plaque to hang and more. Use color combinations, patterns and texture and design a one of a kind work of art. Kids love the endless possibilities and all ideas coming from them.