Drawing & Painting Manga


Beginning Manga

The artist must learn the basics of figure and head construction before entering into the Manga Syle. Quick sketch 5, 10 and 15 minute warm ups. Now begin with line quality and rendering. 

Features & Expressions of the Manga Head

Using the knowledge of the human head, the Manga head and features are studied using guidelines and key factors that enable the artist to act with a pencil. A sketch book is required. 

Advanced Manga

With the knowledge acquired from the beginning of term, the artist will proceed into more advanced in skill level exploring clothing, values and storytelling. 

Story Telling

In order to tell a story visually, one must learn layout, design and compositional studies. Comic book and Storybook are emphasized. 

Portfolio Presentation

In order to see the artists' accomplishments, the students must save their best works of art in a book. This is a portfolio that can monitor and understand the abilities and skill level of an artist. Great for entry into college. Our instructors guide each student into different levels of understanding with the creation of this book. 

Exploring the Industry