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For Students ages 8 and up, this class puts the emphasis on tonal drawings. Small compositional studies are used for framing and quick drawing. No erasers allowed. The use of shapes and patterns of light and dark are emphasized. Learn the gray scale using graphite pencils working with still life and learning how light effects objects.


Before a student learns how to render, they must learn how to sketch. Quick drawings of 5, 10 and 15 minute sketches simplifies using long lines, shapes and construction. A prerequisite for all.


Before a student begins a still life, plein air painting or design from an idea, they must learn how to design a page layout. This process enables the student to sketch fast and use small thumbnails acting like a camera they are able to zoom in and out and compose formats of portrait and landscape drawings. 


Rendering a drawing comes after layers and layers of development are established. Students take their drawing into the details and different types of edges and refining the design. 


Each student collects their best drawings throughout each term. A portfolio displays the skill level of each student. The instuctor can assess and proceed with the proper path in the learning process. Students are proud and gain in self esteem. Drawing lessons made simple no matter what age. 

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