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Monica Higgins has been introducing children and adults to the world of art for over 25 years.  As co-founder and director of Art Academy of Los Angeles, she has implemented and coordinated art courses for all ages emphasizing the fundamentals of drawing and design.

Industry experience includes: Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios,  just to name a few.  She has worked with apparel, book publishing, toy design, advertising, marketing and consumer products. 

Monica is a Commercial Artist, Illustrator, Instructor, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist. 

She developed the Graphic Arts department at Long Beach Trade Technical College and instructed at Palo Alto Art League. Monica implemented the Youth program at Art Academy of Los Angeles Inc. and continues to enrich the younger generation with skills and goals by using the imagination while having fun.

Her education includes: California Art Institute where she studied Illustration, Fashion Design and Fine Art.  Animation studies include: The Animation Union where she studied Layout Design in Animation and Graphic Design at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  

She is currently teaching art in the Alameda School District private and public.  She offers Home School 

children a day program in groups 

or  private sessions as well as 

providing many resourses in art: 

such as art parties, art socials, 

corporate team building with art 

as well as art shows/special events. 

Course Offerings

The Artist Center offers an eight week course throughout Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Terms. You may sign up at any time on a prorate basis and where space permits. We provide Spring, Summer, and Thanksgiving Camps.  Click Art Entertainment.

The After School program begins at 4pm. Home School Art hours are 10am-2pm Monday-Friday.  Teen classes are available 6pm-8pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Digital Design courses are Animation and Graphic Design

available  on Fridays 6pm - 8pm or can be booked privately.  

See Art Entertainment for Corporate Events, Art Parties, Paint & Sip for Adults, Paint Night for Teens and Private Art Events.

The Artist Center offers  Art Socials for adults on Saturday evenings from 7pm - 11pm once a month and teens once a month from 7pm - 10pm.  Teens  create their favorite themes such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and many more.  Click on Entertainment Art for schedule and themes. Click Calendar for dates.

To request a tour of studio please make appointment by phone or email. 

Click on  "Registration" and you will be notified via phone or email in order for your seat to be reserved.

You may also call 510 303-3494. Email theartistcenter@me.com

See Class Descriptions on curriculum. 

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Our Mission

Art Lessons in Castro Valley, Artist Center in Castro Valley, Art Lessons for middle school

Our students receive quality instruction that is sound in structure and unique in its training.

We give the artist an opportunity to explore their skills, ideas and talents and grow throughout each class. They will also benefit by receiving individual guidance from professional instructors

in all projects. 

Our goal is to offer aspiring artists an opportunity to develop and expand their understanding of drawing and painting and to instruct in the practical application 

of each age group or skill level. 

To participate in this study of art

is to put the emphasis on drawing.

If you are a beginner, 

"Welcome to the World of Art!"

Prepare to be introduced to a wide selection of media. Find which one you like best and begin your

 learning process.

Our strategy is to encourage 

and build confidence while

adventuring into your art spirit

and learn techniques 

from the "Masters." 

We oversee in the organizing 

of all artwork and either enhance or create a portfolio whether the artist is practicing as a hobby or 

preparing for a lucrative career.

We provide classes which are not oversized in order to attend 

to each student equally. 

Each class has the spirit 

of cooperation and the air 

is thick with enthusiasm.

The desire to learn and create is the motivation into great works of art.

We are here to create, educate and experience the art world

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