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The Artist Center offers students of all ages programs in fine art, graphic, abstract, animation and illustration design. Courses emphasize both traditional and contemporary design skills and provide students a foundation of problem solving skills that will help them master the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Learn techniques that are used professionally and start creating your portfolio for a world that can lead into many professions: The fashion industry, animation, fine art and illustration are just to name a few. Bring your talents to a place where each student gains confidence and self esteem and builds their art spirit into a place of no return.

Depending on the student and their skill level, they will learn how to compose a picture, make thumbnails, comps and then the final piece. Works of art are just waiting to happen. Look through our gallery (Art Albums)  and see a wide selection of art created by students of all ages.

Where artists create like pros

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Artwork by: Cynthia Pisani

“Recently I heard from a friend I haven't seen in several years. She was one of the co-founders of

Art Academy of Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks. If you were around the LA art school scene in the mid 90s

I'm sure you'll remember the school. It made a big impact on art education at that time. It's no longer around

but several other schools were born from it including my own.

Monica Zeigler currently lives in the bay area around San Francisco, raising her family and operating an

art school for kids, teens and adults.

If you're in the bay area and are looking for art classes, check out www.LessonsInArt.com and see how

versatile and professional an artist Monica is:”

Published by Charles Zembillas in www.AnimationNation.com : Owner of The Animation Academy.

Located in Burbank, California.  www.theanimationacademy.com

To enroll in an art class click on “Registration Form” email  information to theartistcenter@me.com  You may also call us at 510 303-3494.