Our goal is to offer aspiring artists an opportunity to develop and expand their understanding of drawing and painting and to instruct in the practical application of each age group or skill level. To participate in this study of art is to put the emphasis on drawing.


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Quick Sketch  Learn to draw the figure, the head and hands quickly in various poses.  One, two, three, five and ten minute drawings using photographs while learning different drawing methods throughout each week.  This enables the artist to find a method in which they feel most comfortable with and progress quickly.  Methods include:  Drawing stick figures, Learning with  the Masters, Constructing with abstractions, rhythm and designing with light and dark shapes.

Animation Quick drawing is essential for the understanding of how a character moves. In this class, the student will create a model sheet which is used in the animation studios. Front view, side view, back view and three quarter view. It is designed in the computer and colorized. Then the student will make the character move in motion learning digital art.

Design This class emphasizes basic shapes and how

they can be used in not only drawing people, animals and

things, but how to apply these shapes in making designs.  Each student will have a fun experience working in watercolor pencils and creating a rainbow of color. Gradations and blending color are at its best.  Learning from “The Masters” also gives great inspiration to even more decorative art.  Designing with shapes and learning line quality has never been so much fun. 

Abstract Art Escape into the world of Picasso, Kandinsky, Miro and others.  This class is designed for all ages to use the imagination with abstract art while learning with the Masters.  Let your shapes become free on the canvas.  Keep your pencil moving in one continuous motion.  Explore the possibilities and find the artist within.  With every class the student will gain self confidence and at the same time have fun...the easiest way to learn.

Color Exploration This class is all about the color wheel and how color relates to it. The student will make their own color wheel and learn its compliment colors, the tint and the dark value to every color. With every project, the color wheel is used and explored. Once this is mastered, the student can adventure into more possibilities.

Arts and Crafts For the artist who learns by being expressive, this class is for you.  Dip your hands into paint, splash it around while making a banner, poster or even a school project. Paint with textures or glazes of color.  Create mobiles and mosaics, or experiment with clay. Students can make paper dolls and learn about the fashion industry.  Make an art book to show your clothing line.  Create your figures using guides and have fun with the accessories. Work with stamps to create patterns.  There are endless possibilities to a popular class.

Sculpting with Clay Learn the basics of form by sculpting your favorite animal or character.  Students will be taught to start with a stick figure and work clay over it and find its big shape.  Use the tools to carve out and chisel while learning anatomy and proportion.  Paint your character after sculpting it.  Learn about textures and patterns.

Animal & Character Design

For the artist who likes to draw animals and cartoon characters, this class if for you.  Students will be taught to understand structure with the use of basic shapes and a

quick sketch formula which enables room for refining and designing.  The students imagination is pushed as they are encouraged to develop their own favorite character design or create an animated character or even realistic animals of their choosing. This approach stresses the importance of form and drawing with construction.

Mixed Media Each artist can choose a medium of which they like best. This will enable the them to improve faster and  feel comfortable while learning new techniques.  Each artist will work with transparent color and finish with a rendered work of art. Media include: markers, oils, pastels, watercolor, graphite, ink and colored pencils.  The artist will develop their skill while having fun throughout the process.  These projects use various techniques which help the artist organize values and simplify shapes.  Beginning students will start with monochromatic studies and progress into color harmony.  Photographs are chosen by the artist with instructor guidance. 

Paint & Draw Like the Masters Learn the traditional and contemporary masters of today and yesterday. Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Lautrec...Explore one that fits your style and mood. Create a still life  or work with photographs. Start with pencils to understand values and composition, then advance into color.  Continue the learning process with paint and design a landscape, a portrait or a figure.  Paint in monochromatic tones, a full palette, or a limited palette.  The choice is yours.  A class for intermediate and advanced students.

Background Design The student will learn to create environments with mood and atmosphere. This class is for the artist who would like to be challenged with perspective, layout and staging. Techniques such as using a grid method are applied here.  An interest in animation is a plus.  Lessons vary from simple to complex, depending on the individual age and skill level.

Head and Figure Drawing Instructor demonstrations will guide the student into learning the building blocks of the head and figure.  This class helps the student to understand the constructing techniques of the human form.  Using a light source, the abstractions, the skull and planes of the head are introduced and applied in all lessons.  Students have a chance to create a self portrait of themselves while learning about simple shapes and values. Students will also choose from a variety of photographs and work on many projects while advanced students will concentrate on one project and work until completion.

Still Life Before we learn the head and figure we must learn how to form objects and turn them in space using values of color.  With still life, the students learn how to see shapes simply and then apply values of color to make the objects turn from light into dark. A great way to learn color fundamentals and composition.